Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A PowerShell Script to Determine Directory Size

Here's a script I wrote to determine the size (in megabytes) of all the files in a directory and its subdirectories. This should be a bit more accurate, if less precise, than what you get in Windows Explorer.

function GetSize()
$size= gci -recurse -force |
? { $_.GetType() -like 'System.IO.DirectoryInfo'} |
% {$_.GetFiles() } |
Measure-Object -Property Length -Sum |
Measure-Object -Property Sum -Sum

$size2 = (Get-item .).GetFiles() |
Measure-Object -Property Length -Sum

[System.Math]::Round(($size.Sum + $size2.Sum) /
(1024 * 1024)).ToString() + "MB"