Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Getting MbUnit working with CruiseControl.NET

This is not exactly a straightforward process.  If you are having problems, here are a few hints about the bumps in the road.

  • If you are having trouble managing the dependencies of MbUnit on your build server, then just include the "bin" folder of your test project in source control.  That way, all of those locally copied assemblies will get pulled out of source control along with the rest of your project.
  • In addition to this information, there are a couple more steps to ensure your MbUnit output makes it into the web dashboard.  Make sure you put your file merge task into the publishers section of your project configuration in the ccnet.config file.  This will ensure the output of your MbUnit tests are always merged with the project configuration.  However, if you specify a publishers section, you must also specify a project xmlLogger.  Order matters here! The xmlLogger should be after your merge task to get your file merged in before the project log gets published to the dashboard.  So, your publisher section might look something like this:
      <xmlLogger />
  • Speaking of your results file, you can use command-line switches of MbUnit.Cons.exe to specify that the file name is the same everytime you run it.
  • MbUnit.Cons.exe can load an .exe assembly as easily as a .dll, so keep your tests project a console application so developers can step through their tests.