Thursday, January 24, 2008

IndyTFS January Meeting: These Guys Rawk!

Jamie Kurtz of Open Solutions presented on TFS Work Items.  Now, I really hate going to user group meetings in the midwest, because most of the time the speakers are not really all that knowledgeable about their topic.  This session, however, could have been entitled, "TFS: All Questions Answered."  Between Paul Hacker and Jamie Kurtz, not one question was a stumper.  I learned more about TFS in that two hours than I could have in two days on my own.  It was truly fantastic; they had a great attitude!

Here are some of the things we learned.

  • Customizing Work Item types: workflow, states, custom form fields, custom field controls
  • Details and gotchas on how to get business users setup to edit work items from Excel
  • Details about securing fields and work items
  • Editing MSBuild files to work appropriately with WorkItems

Kudos to both gentlemen.  I encourage anyone using or considering using TFS to member up and start attending meetings.